Debt Collection Program - Commercial Only

Mair Malfara -
(610) 825-1600, extension 12

Payables overdue?
This EAP member benefit enables members to turn over the work of debt collection to a reputable collection agency. The EAP went to great lengths to find an agency with sound business practices and reasonable rates - The Graphic Arts Credit Bureau in Trevose. All collections are completely confidential. Your claim is reviewed by an expert at no charge.

Please note that the Graphic Arts Credit Bureau can handle claims NATIONWIDE and GAA has attorneys across the country who specialize in collection if an attorney referral is necessary.

The Debt Collection Program enables EAP members to collect business debts owed to them. While there is no guarantee of collection, we will attempt to collect the debt to your satisfaction. Debts must be $250 or more, and must be commercial in nature. Follow the steps below to file your debt for collection:

1. Members will contact Rita Donlan -

You will be notified as to whether your debt is collectible at all, or in whole or part. You can decide a course of action upon receiving the provided advice.

Your initial request for collection will be reviewed with no charge. For normal debt collection services, 22% of the amount collected is the fee. If the use of a collection attorney is required, the following schedule will apply:

- Under $2,000 collected - fee of 29% of the amount collected

- Over $2,000 collected - fee of 24% of the amount collected

- Plus court costs and suit fees as necessary.


Once the agency has your paperwork, collection procedures will begin. We will notify you in several weeks as to whether the debt appears to be collectible or not. If collectible, money collected will be forwarded to you as received, allowing 10 to 15 days for the debtor's check to clear.