Past Courses

Below are some of the courses we have offered over the years, primarily in an eight-hour, in-person classroom format. Courses are led by one of our expert instructors, and you can access our current schedule of continuing education here.

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This course is designed to reach and teach students from a diversity of backgrounds. If you are new to the industry and want to get a strong understanding of the basic theories of electricity, then this course is for you! If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or journey person in the trade and need a refresher on the laws and theories about electricity, this course will meet your needs as well. The nature of electricity, sources of electricity, D-C generation, Ohm's Law, series circuits, parallel circuits, A-C generation, single phase, two phase and three phase circuits, etc. will be thoroughly explained. Emphasis will be placed on the NEC.
This course is designed to teach the principles of article 220, Branch-Circuits, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations, based on the 2014 NEC. for one- and two-family dwellings and on the 2017 NEC for all other occupancies. The course will update design professionals, plan review examiners, electrical inspectors, electrical contractors, and electrical maintenance workers. It will also be beneficial to individuals who plan to take their ICC electrical contractor or electrical inspectors test where some parts of the tests are calculations.
Electric Vehicle Charging System, NEC Article 625, is a rapidly evolving section of the Code book. Due to the relatively new technology surrounding this exciting new industry there are numerous changes in every code cycle since first introduced in the 1996 NEC. Already with the development of two-way power transfer to the 2020 NEC has re-named Article 625 as Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System. Now there are rules to follow for when the homeowner uses the vehicle battery power to energize selected loads in the dwelling unit.
Learn the rules and save yourself a lot of time and money. Come to this one-day class on Commercial Electric. Place yourself and your company at the head of the pack. Let someone else make the expensive mistakes. The money you save by learning the rules! It will pay for the course fee many times over.
The entire state of Pennsylvania must comply with the 2014 NEC. This course will address the most used and important changes pertinent to the EAP membership. Learn the changes and be prepared so that a safe installation can be put in for the public. Pass the AHJ’s inspection the first time.
One- and two-family dwellings is a way of life for many contractors. This course will cover any electrical wiring or system in a residential unit. This presentation will focus on the requirements for electrical installations in one- and two-family dwellings. From the service through to the branch circuits and devices, this comprehensive program covers every aspect of residential installations.

Topics include:
  • Services cabinets
  • Ampacity
  • Calculations
  • Grounding electrode systems and conductors
  • AFCI & GFCI requirements
  • and more!
This is a class that is about the hottest request for training for a few years. This class will show the attendee how to size the generator correctly and what factors influence the final choice of size. How to install according to the manufacturer and NEC rules will be explained.
Single Family Dwellings, Multi Family Dwellings, Commercial Properties – Save money using the right installation methods and pass inspections the first time.

The following questions, and more, will be answered in this course: Do I still have to install a fire alarm disconnect switch? Where does it say I cannot put the smoke detector circuit on a dedicated circuit? Must I use AFCI protection? GFCI? What is meant by "common areas"? Do I need a pull station on every landing of a multi-family dwelling unit? Is conduit required for all commercial fire alarm installations? When is central station reporting required? Who knows when to use plenum FA cables? Do I have to destroy a single-family dwelling finish just to interconnect smoke detectors? Are wireless smoke detectors permitted yet? These are just a few things discussed in this one-day class.
We have all been taught how important it is to keep the electrons on the insulated conductors. Did anyone ever teach you how important the grounding and bonding is? That it MUST be installed with the same scrutiny as the hot components? That you must DILIGENTLY build a grounding and bonding system on EVERY job?

This course will change how you do electrical installation work! You will learn the “why” of grounding and bonding. If you’re asking yourself “How could he possibly talk about grounding for eight hours?” then this is the class for you! You will leave wondering how it is that no one taught you this before, and you’ll realize we only scratched the surface of this complicated topic during our day together. Emphasis will be placed on the NEC.
Join us and industry expert, Michal Hofkin, to take a deeper dive on Soares, Grounding and Bonding. Emphasis will be placed on the 2017 NEC and cover the following topics:
  • Eustace Soares
  • Electrical Basics
  • Clearing Ground Faults & Short Circuits
  • Grounding Separately Derived Systems
  • Grounding at more than one building
  • Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Ground-Fault Protection for Equipment
  • And more!
Learn the rules of the road on this exciting part of electrical work in Pennsylvania. This Solar class is an eight-hour course designed to get you started in this industry. This course includes system design, installation methods, over current protection, DC circuits, Sunshine meter, and electric meter installation (PECO is different than the other utilities, for example). It also outlines current rebates, tax incentives, and generation credits. Get the straight story from an expert Instructor and get educated at one of the leading facilities around, The Electrical Association of Philadelphia.